A Brand New Day

I have been struggling with some things lately that I have needed to pray up. Nothing major, just things I need to get settled in my mind or my heart. I have also been off track lately with my prayer and devotional times. I haven’t replaced it with anything, just not making it a priority like it was. I got slack and lazy and my body is feeling it. With everything else my body is dealing with, I don’t need to have anything added to it.

I was waking up in the morning and spending about 30 minutes reading my devotional and then spending time praying. I was keeping a prayer book where i wrote at least one prayer in a day. When I didn’t know what to pray, I would read the prayers I had written.

Lately my main focus has been to pray for my children and grandchildren, their marriages, their friends, their teachers and their school studies. Since both of my children and their spouses are involved in the fire service, I had been praying for their safety and health. I’ve been praying for my folks and sister too. My parents turn 78 this year and while they don’t need my help now, they will soon. I pray for strength and courage when that time comes.

I have also struggled with desires, although normal, I want mine to be in line with what God wants for me. So instead of praying for the desire itself, I pray for the desire to be removed if it isn’t what God wants for me. To my amazement, for some reason…lol, the “bad” desires are gone. Things I have longed for are no longer causing me the grief that desired desires can cause.

Well, today I finally prayed it all up to God. Not sure what took me so long. I hate that I am so slow to pray up the little things I think God doesn’t have time for. I spent about an hour praying, listening and thinking about the things that seem so out of whack. As I was praying, I felt God shadowing me with a peace I cannot explain. A peace that restores my desire to make and keep Him the focus of every thought I have. For His name to be on the edge of my tongue. For His song to play over and over in my head. To keep Him so in focus during my days that I see His shadow just beyond the light. Knowing that I am forgiven, cherished and His child.

I love the way He loves me.


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