Do you remember dreams?

I usually don’t unless they occur later in the morning close to when I wake up. But this morning I had one that made me feel slightly angry.

I’ll list the elements that were in it. My ex sister-in-law (Claeress-the bride), a niece of my daughter’s husband (Sophia), my ex mother-in-law (Elizabeth), my ex himself (Louis), two guys from a previous IT contract (wedding planners), a mobile home trailer, tables laid out with clothes folded on them, and other things/people I may remember as I write. I have named the people in parenthesis, but they are not their real names.

So, I am at this trailer, don’t know why at first, and all of these things start to happen. Not sure whose baby I was tending to for the entire time. And there were several children running around from age 3 to maybe 10. The kids helped me find things that I needed for the baby. And there were bugs in various places too.

At some point five blue limos line up in front of the place. I remember asking one of the kids “who died”. (Funny how you can maintain your sense of humor in a dream…lol.) He proceeded to tell me it is for a wedding. So I didn’t think about it since no one in this trailer was prepping for a wedding. I went back in to see how the baby was doing and he was asleep. One of the drivers from a limo knocked on the door and asked if everyone was ready. No one was but soon starting scrambling to get ready.

I don’t remember seeing the bride to be, Claeress, before this moment. And when we did make eye contact, she quickly turned and went the other way. Now back to the baby who was now awake. Everyone wants to hold the baby so he gets passed around freeing me up to figure out what is going on here.

Sophia and Elizabeth get busy getting ready and in one ‘fly by’ they ask me what I am wearing. Very startled I ask what?. They laugh and tell me about the wedding we are all going to. I told them I didn’t know anything about it and then I saw Louis come in the back door. I was more than puzzled but beginning to get a little mad at being kept in the dark. Louis said he would help me find something nice to wear. He was wearing a very nice black suit. I envisioned myself hiding inside his black suit as I thought I’d never find anything suitable to wear.

So now we are looking through all of the closets and clothes on the tables. It is as though I was shopping or something. I’m not a good shopper nor a happy one so this was odd to me. Someone found a suitable slip then another found a nice dress. I don’t remember actually seeing the color. It was long and nicely made and fit me quite well.

Next, I’m in this dress but the slip is hanging out of the bottom. Someone says that it is OK, I’ll start a new trend. I was not amused and looked for a solution. The two IT guys had it all figured out and soon I was getting my hair the way I wanted it so I could be done.

Elizabeth suggested I go visit the bride-to-be in the back room. As I approached, several of the ladies who were crowded around her, stared at me as though I had two heads. I started speaking an apology (trying to be the bigger person since I hadn’t done anything wrong to begin with) but she turned her head away as if to say I wasn’t worthy of speaking to her. I held my head high and turned to leave the room. Then I heard a cloud of laughter coming toward me. I turned around to look but stopped myself in time to leave and not care about their drama.

Then the baby started crying and no one wanted him. That’s when I placed him on a table to tend to him and saw bugs crawling around in the pizza box from the night before. I think I woke up when the kids started fighting over the leftover pieces.

Now, I’m not one who believes that destiny lies in dreams or anything like that. But this dream or nightmare as it would seem, had all of the elements that cause me grief in one form or fashion. My ex sister-in-law has shunned me because she thinks it was my fault that her brother and I are divorced. I have an issue with the niece of my daughter’s husband in that she won’t finish high school and she thinks finding a man will get her out of the house and her life will be so much better. My issue with my ex mother-in-law is that she was the original enabler to my ex husband’s drug use and subsequent mental issues. The issues with my ex and bugs speak for themselves. I have always had a dislike for mobile homes which fit into this dream very well. I also have a dislike for garage sales which seems to be the way the tables in this mobile home were laid out.

Phew! So what does it all mean. I must have been sleeping on my right side. When I do for too long, my shoulder will start to hurt and usually wakes me up. The baby must of been the cat who wanted out this morning at 6am. As for the rest, it was like the devil was trying something new to get into my head. Whatever it was, it was smart. It assembled things and people I have issues with into one very weird dream that left me shaking my head and wondering what just happened. I wonder if I’m holding on to something I need to give to God. I don’t have control over these people and that would be a great solution. As for my attitudes about mobile homes and garage sales, well, they are a part of life and I’ll just have to limit my interactions with them or change my attitude.

Either way, it was just a dream. All of those people are out of my daily life and living their own way. Sure, they need Jesus, but I don’t have control of that either. God bless them. And you too. Sweet dreams…

Author: Donna Lynn

I'm a grandma with Fibromyalgia who loves her family and wants to make a difference, even if it is lots of tiny ones. I live in sunny Florida and enjoy my time with family and friends. I'm living with God leading, hoping to someday make some sense of it all. I give Him the glory as much as I can and I love to share Him with everyone.