Do you love Lizards as much as I do?

We have tons of lizards all around our house here in Florida. They are the reason we don’t have many bugs including spiders. Which is awesome since my sister is terrified of them. She doesn’t share my love for lizards though. I think they are incredible little creatures.

Have you ever spent time watching them? They are fascinating to me with their odd behaviors. They do “push-ups” to get attention and show off. They have territories they keep watch over. From my favorite swing in the back yard, I can see many of those territories.

There is a shed clan, a porch family, a fence tribe, a back wall gang, the fern connection, the rock sect and many many more. As I sit and watch them, the males are doing the “push-ups” and keeping guard over their areas while the females dart out into the grass and catch small bugs and worms. They like to perch themselves on the top branch of my bonsai or walk out to the end of the flag pole that extends over a garden area. They really are fun to watch. Yes, I live in a very small town and some days this is my only entertainment…lol. But I love my life and I love it here despite the heat. But that is another story.

God bless and stay safe.