The art of misunderstanding

Father’s Day is still special for me since my dad is a wonderful 78 years young. He is the model every man should be cast after, at least on the earth these days. Well, my ex-husband is the opposite. Cruel, mean, vindictive, greedy, self-centered and the list goes on. My son, who is now 27, harbors some anger because of his father, mostly because he was rarely a dad to him.

So on Father’s Day this year, my son as a first time dad himself, wrote a lovely and surprisingly poetic and gratitude filled tribute to his spiritual father. When my sister read it she commented that she was proud of how he gave credit to his father. I was greatly confused but hopeful that he had taken such a gracious leap. I read the post and learned that my sister had omitted the word spiritual when she read it. I told her to read it again and it took her three times to get it.

Later in the day when I spoke to my daughter, she told me how her husband had omitted the word spiritual also. I was laughing hard by now. But then she went on to tell me that my ex’s cousin had called my ex all excited because she knew he didn’t have Facebook. She read the post to him over the phone and omitted the word spiritual also. Holy Cow!

The sad part is that because of my ex’s mental disorders, he will walk around with his nose in the air like a proud papa only to crash when he comes off of his cloud because he knows the truth. He called and left a message on both of their phones this morning that he was going back into the mental hospital and if they didn’t help him, he would commit suicide. I have heard that for many years but it still moves me to tears. I tried so hard to help him but he fought with tooth and nail. I couldn’t save him no matter how hard I tried.

I’m not sure how this mostly funny story about a simple omission of one word turned into such a sad and sorrowful ending. Maybe because I had laughed at the expense of his brokenness. Maybe God was teaching me something else about my ex that I had overlooked. I’m still not sure but I know He will make it clear. He always does.

Author: Donna Lynn

I'm a grandma with Fibromyalgia who loves her family and wants to make a difference, even if it is lots of tiny ones. I live in sunny Florida and enjoy my time with family and friends. I'm living with God leading, hoping to someday make some sense of it all. I give Him the glory as much as I can and I love to share Him with everyone.

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