The Fall of Mankind…Again!

As I struggle for words to help my teenage grandson understand what is going on in and around the world, something donned on me. Throughout the Bible (Anytime I refer to God’s Word, it will be either the King James or the New King James versions because they don’t get reinterpreted and rewritten every few years. They are the purest forms of Scripture we have.) Scripture tells story after story about how God’s people were chastened ( defines chastened as: to inflict suffering upon for purposes of moral improvement) for their sins. It has become apparent that people now days do not feel that chastening. Probably because God turned over everything to Jesus Christ upon His resurrection. Before that point, God had performed all the miracles He felt necessary to be recorded for people to understand that He is a supreme, loving God and that He is who He says He is. When Jesus Christ took over, He became the bridge that fills the gap between God and mankind.

This fall has not only earthly but eternal consequences. Not being able to pray in school has expanded to places where prayer is desperately needed; meetings, assemblies, etc. The moral decline all of this has caused can be seen in all walks of life and continues to escalate at a rapid rate. So what are they afraid of? If there is no God then those praying are wasting their time, so it can’t possibly hurt to pray. If God is supreme, which He is, then praying brings people together. What is wrong with that? So I’m back to my original question…What are they afraid of? Is their fear really the knowledge that God is real? Are they afraid of Him or of what other people will say?

Think about it! Go back to the definition of chastening. The words ‘moral improvement’ are huge; really, really , huge. Our fall began when children stopped being chastened. Not only by their own parents but by the other adults in their lives. These children have grown up with “time-out’s” instead of spankings. A good old-fashioned spanking, at an early age, left a lasting impression when done out of love not out of anger. When I was a child, the mere mention of “God” stopped me in my tracks. I had a respect for God which made me fear doing anything that He would not approve of because I knew the consequences of sinning. That doesn’t mean I didn’t fail, it means God didn’t. People today think that since God is a loving being, and He does forgive, that it will all be alright. While that is mostly true, there is a price to pay for sin and it requires action on our part. People forget the action that we are responsible for. Believing in Jesus Christ, that there is a judgement according to God’s standards not ours, spreading the Gospel with love, teaching and chastening our children, and the list goes on.

I am still at my original question. What are they afraid of? What are you afraid of?

Father help us stand up against the people who call us haters. Help us shine You in everything we do. Help others see You in us. Help us be Your examples of love and forgiveness. Help them see their sin. Help them turn to You for forgiveness. As this world falls deeper and deeper into the darkness of rampant sin, help us see Your light, Your truth and Your Son. In Christ’s name, Amen.




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