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Did I do that?

Considering my son’s fathers’ behavior while he was growing up, I understand that my son has issues making decisions but WOW! Everyday he changes his mind about his job. He has a great career working for a well paying fire … Continue reading

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What was she thinking?

Behavior is a tremendously deep subject and science. I shake my head at people all the time. I like trying to figure out what motivates someone to kindness or deceit and everything in between. Were their actions a result of … Continue reading

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My heart is breaking

…because I can see my son going down the same long broken road as his father. I’m not sure why I thought he would be different. He watched his father tear into me with his words and cut my heart … Continue reading

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The Wishing Map 1

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
Preface Bedtime is the time to stall. And asking for “a story” is the best way to do it. In response to such requests, many years ago I began improvising an ongoing story for my…

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Us vs. Them

I went to a planning meeting tonight for an event in October involving two local churches. One is the Methodist church where we currently attend and the Baptist church my dad and I grew up in. I was amazed that … Continue reading

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Signs of Deception

Originally posted on Kamala Thompson:
Not surprisingly, no one likes to be lied to. And, I think it is pretty cool, rare, and unique when a person can detect deception in another person through nonverbal hints. The two cases I…

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More Venting

I am the proverbial optimist. I haven’t always been like this. It is the result of many years of intentional change. These changes were extremely difficult in the midst of a negative environment. One that eventually became the downfall of … Continue reading

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Eyes on the Prize

My daughter-in-law is a lovely young woman. She was a cheerleader in high school and my son had a huge crush on her. She married her high school sweetheart but soon realized he wasn’t the prince she thought he was. … Continue reading

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The Loss of a Day

You know when you lose something and you search for it until you find it? Well, how do you find a lost day. I wasn’t in a flare so it wasn’t lost there. I didn’t have a hundred appointments to … Continue reading

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The Scowl!

I’m not sure where it came from. I was busy doing my thing when suddenly I realized it was there. Sitting pretty as though it was accustomed to perching like a majestic male bird showing off his manhood for a … Continue reading

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Seeds of Change, Day 7

Today makes one week since starting the challenge with Makayla. I don’t think I have ever been able to stop eating all things baked and candy type junk food. I have given up certain foods for Lent but I knew … Continue reading

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Seeds of Change, Day 6

I narrowed a lot of information into a 7 day routine to make things easier for my granddaughter. But the time frame for how you do your attack is completely up to you. You can take a week or a … Continue reading

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