Seeds of Change, Day 6

I narrowed a lot of information into a 7 day routine to make things easier for my granddaughter. But the time frame for how you do your attack is completely up to you. You can take a week or a month but move it along as fast as you can . The sooner you get use to not eating sugar, the quicker your cravings will disappear.

The sugar discussion didn’t go over very well with Makayla. But I also realized she has issues with food such as potatoes. Mostly because she doesn’t eat very many other vegetables. I told her mom she needs to make less so there are no seconds. She said that wasn’t fair to everyone else. I said, “SO! It isn’t healthy for anyone”.

One to the task at hand.

Today I asked Makayla how much water she usually drinks in a day. I told her she can count her water bottles or refill them and keep track that way. We could be drinking about 4, 20 ounce bottles worth of water each day.

Well, that’s it for Day 6. Avoid sodas and sugary drinks that have sugar added. At worst, diet drinks are OK, but ultimately you want to get away from the preservatives and artificial additives.

Stay safe and God bless.