Seeds of Change, Day 7

Today makes one week since starting the challenge with Makayla. I don’t think I have ever been able to stop eating all things baked and candy type junk food. I have given up certain foods for Lent but I knew I would be eating them again so it wasn’t that bad. Now I have started rolling the snowball and I hope to make it huge.

The hardest thing I have to do is plan meals for a household of 4 whose likes and dislikes are completely different. I get bored eating the same things and sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking and trying to please everyone. So it remains a challenge. Especially now that dad has lost another 9 pounds and he isn’t even trying.

I will continue to post about my ongoing effort to eat better and be healthier. I hope to ditch several medication for the several issues I am dealing with. Walking a mile hurts while I am doing it and my naps the next day are a little longer but I’m sure it is beneficial otherwise. I just have to move past the pain.

Stay safe and God bless.