Signs of Deception

I study kinesics as a hobby and this post is very helpful.

Kamala Thompson

Not surprisingly, no one likes to be lied to.

And, I think it is pretty cool, rare, and unique when a person can detect deception in another person through nonverbal hints.

The two cases I most commonly see this happening are when mother invariably knows or the professional cases of the most experienced and seasoned detectives.

But, of course I am here to spill all the secrets =).

Deception can be detected if you know what to look for, especially when dealing with suspects and witnesses because suspects and witnesses tend to reveal more than they intend to through their choice of words.

  1. A number one sign of deception is suspects is their lack of self-references because they are fabricating a story rather than being truthful. Truthful people will make frequent use of the pronoun “I” to describe their actions whereas suspects will describe events in the passive voice. For…

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