My heart is breaking

…because I can see my son going down the same long broken road as his father. I’m not sure why I thought he would be different. He watched his father tear into me with his words and cut my heart into pieces. I want better for my son. I want him to be a true man of God. I want him to express and feel real love the way it was intended. But I am powerless to do anything.

If I say something, anything, he will know that his wife vented her frustration and fear to me. He unloaded on her with a fury few men could withstand and all because their sweet baby boy threw up on his uniform. I could hear in her voice the fear and discouragement I once had when my marriage was new too. She doesn’t deserve that.

I’m taking a crying break…

A few days have passed and I have prayed and asked God for a way to get through to him. I found a book on Amazon titled, “The Heart of Anger: Practical Help for Prevention and Cure of Anger in Children”. Hmmm, if I present this book to his wife, I might just get away with it. After all it is for the new grand baby. She can read it and show him “interesting” things and hopefully it will start to show him what his anger is all about and how to control it. Now I have to resist the urge to punch his father square in the face next time I see him. lol, sort of.

Father, thank You that You are faithful to me even when I get wrapped up in my own little drama and sometimes forget Your grace and love. Help me shine Your light to all whom I see. In Jesus name, Amen.