Leave Feedback

Do you ever get annoyed at the “Leave Feedback” buttons on items we buy online? Have you ever thought about what it means not to leave feedback? Do you think it actually matters?

As a new Etsy seller, I can tell you it matters. It makes a huge difference not only to the seller but to buyers as well. When we have a good experience online, it helps others if we provide feedback. It gives an opportunity for improvement, if needed. Or it can give buyers a sense of safety that their choice should be a good one.

This made me wonder how we would do if there was a “Leave Feedback” button on our backs? I recently introduced myself to a nurse who knows my family. She said she had heard about me and it was nice to meet me. It made me think of how we could benefit from feedback.

So, what about the feedback button? I think we need to be providing the people around us with positive and encouraging feedback on a regular basis. Especially children! They are bombarded with so much negative junk that after a long period of time, they won’t know how to receive or deliver it.

I never want anyone to have a reason to leave bad feedback about me. I try to live my life as though I am sitting next to Christ. I make every possible effort to do things that make Him proud of me. It would break my heart to think I had disappointed or disgraced my family or Him.

I am careful about the company I keep because I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression about me or my motives. I choose my words carefully because I don’t want to beat anyone up, I want to lift them up instead. I try to make everyone around me feel loved and appreciated because I want to be loved and appreciated too. I don’t want people to see me when they look at me, I want them to see Jesus through me.

Who will you give feedback to today?

Stay safe and God bless.


Author: Donna Lynn

I'm a grandma with Fibromyalgia who loves her family and wants to make a difference, even if it is lots of tiny ones. I live in sunny Florida and enjoy my time with family and friends. I'm living with God leading, hoping to someday make some sense of it all. I give Him the glory as much as I can and I love to share Him with everyone.