What? Are You Kidding Me?!

You can tell from my writings that I don’t get mad very often. I do rant some when I detect something I feel is wrong. So this feeling of being mad changed to anger but has actually got me to a state of being livid. (I rarely half do or feel much. I’m an all or nothing kind of person.)

My sister is one of those people who really would give you the shirt off of her back if someone needed it. She is extremely generous and painfully honest. She goes out of her way to help people who can’t help themselves. Even to the point of diving into her own pocket.

For a year now she has been helping a friend of hers who’s husband died. One of those who’s husband did everything outside the house. She has a small farm with chickens, horses, cows, dogs and a goat. She has no clue how to do much of anything beyond feeding the animals and basic care for them.

My sister has been helping her clean out her garage for several months. When she found several pairs of nice sunglasses, my sister sold them online and have her the money. When she found several pairs of shoes in great condition, my sister sold then online and gave her the money. This was my sister’s idea and getting money for those things was a total surprise to her friend.

Well, when her birthday came around my sister had our cousin help her connect a new surround sound system for her. All my sister really had to buy/replace was the main component, everything else was in place. So my sister gave our cousin an old chain saw and one that was taken apart and in a box that she found while cleaning out the garage in exchange for payment. Seemed like a fair trade. He is one of “those” guys… lol.

Yesterday, her friend wanted to know what happened to them. Apparently, one of them was her deceased husband’s favorite. This escalates with her calling my sister a thief. This was a crushing blow. My sister might be impulsive, overbearing and somewhat arrogant at times but thief is extreme.

Now I know the definition of stealing but there is also an element of intent attached there somewhere too. I guess this is really the piece that has me rocked. Even in a court of law they have to prove intent.

I’m mad because I know my sister and a thief she is not. Anyone who knows her at least knows that much. I’m mad because I can’t undo the harm this has done to her. It’s a horrible thing to be accused of something you didn’t do. Especially someone who use to call you friend.

I know I can’t “fix” this. I know I can’t make it go away. I know I can only be the ear and shoulder for her to lean on but it still makes me mad because I know she is hurt.

Would you say anything to “the friend” or would you stay out of it?

Stay safe and Good bless.