Hide and Seek

When I was a little girl, I loved playing hide and seek. Sometimes there were enough of us to include the entire block. Those were challenging hunts. The only rule then was we couldn’t enter any buildings or houses.

Then from a short distance you would start hearing the neighborhood names being yelled by moms calling us home for supper. I miss those simpler times.

My aunt Mary would occasionally babysit for us. My sister is six years younger and a handful. Mary use to love playing Hide and Seek with us until one day I found a spot in the back of a closet behind dad’s boots where I was completely hidden. I could hear her roam from room to room looking for me. I heard her checking the doors to make sure I hadn’t snuck out.

After a while her playful calling of my name started to sound frantic. I came out when I heard her cry. I don’t remember if I got a whipping or not but probably should have. I’ve always had this weird urge to win and when I was young, it didn’t matter who I hurt.

Thankfully, I’m not that person today. I am the opposite. Mostly because I am a child of God and since I know He wins, I do too.

Until I started thinking about this post, I had forgotten that the game of Hide and Seek posses a biblical principle. I often find myself so wrapped up in a moment of “something ” that I have to stop and look around as if God had wondered off from me like a small child. He hasn’t of course, I had and didn’t notice it.

I use to dwell on this mistake but now I realize it is normal and human nature. Phew! I’m OK. That is a relief!

There is safety in numbers, Aunt Mary use to say. What she never understood was that there is safety on base too. God provides that safety no matter where we are or what we are doing. We can stand strong on His “base” knowing He wins.