Come Lately

I’ve been watching it rain for several days. I find myself staring out the window watching the birds and not really thinking about anything in particular. I think about a bunch of stuff instead. Stuff that is coming up soon or stuff I don’t have control over. I’m not sure which one is worse.

I’ve been busy getting ready for a festival. Making sure my jewelry is presentable and ready to, hopefully be sold. It started as a hobby for just me. I would buy old jewelry and beads at thrift stores or garage sales and make them into something cool for me to wear. Then as my collection grew, I figured I’d try selling them. I opened an Etsy shop and things are pretty slow. But in the grand scheme of things, it is expected. There are thousands upon thousands of shops there and all over the internet. Finding a way to standout is a huge challenge.

So, If you are curious or looking for something unique, come check us out. You will find us at

Stay safe and God bless.

Author: Donna Lynn

I'm a grandma with Fibromyalgia who loves her family and wants to make a difference, even if it is lots of tiny ones. I live in sunny Florida and enjoy my time with family and friends. I'm living with God leading, hoping to someday make some sense of it all. I give Him the glory as much as I can and I love to share Him with everyone.

5 thoughts on “Come Lately”

  1. I have visited your Etsy shop, and think your jewelry is very creative.
    This has nudged me to open an Etsy shop ? I do crochet craft, and have to find an outlet for sales, because my products won’t sell from the tub they’re kept in !! If you like, you can see some of it on my blog at https://caresafoundation.wordpres/caresa-designs/
    You write a good blog, keep on writing – keep on crafting.


    1. Thank you so much. Days go by when I feel so insignificant and then someone leaves me a comment to help me realize I matter. And you didn’t even know. I will check out your blog.


    1. I found your site and left you a message there too. Etsy isn’t bad, but there is a ton of competition. I have had several sales which isn’t a lot but considering the amount of competition isn’t bad either. You have to get out there and be seen. That means visiting and following other shops so others will see you. That takes time and sometimes that is hard. It is worth a try. It isn’t expensive but read all of the fine print. It does take a few days to read through it all and set up everything.


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