Who is Blind?

What do we see when we look upon the Christ? Do we reckon that we put Him there? This was the only possible antidote for the deadly virus of human sin and rebellion against God. Do we see Him as Savior and Lord, or, like the soldiers, does our gaze pass by with numbness that refuses to feel the weight of His agony for us?

The blind men who were given their sight understood completely. They were part of the Jesus experience. People today have those same experiences but the unbelievers cannot see Jesus at work. They refuse to acknowledge someone they cannot see or touch.

Some say the blind man is the one who cannot see, but I suggest it is the ones with sight who deny Jesus because they refuse to believe, confess they are sinners and repent from their sin. After all, that would mean being transparent and showing weakness. Something most people are afraid to admit and do.