Who is your forbidden fruit?

Fruit is a major theme throughout the bible. Sin started because of a fruit that was forbidden. But fruit is also proof that the Spirit is active in your life. Forbidden fruit is defined as something that is desired more because it is not allowed.

Most people understand the “things” that are not allowed. But what about a person instead of a “thing”? A person who personifies sin can also be considered a forbidden fruit. Someone who doesn’t believe in God or doesn’t live a life pleasing to God can also be forbidden fruit. Remember, the forbidden fruit always leads to sin. It doesn’t have to be a ” thing “. It can certainly be a person or a group of people, even a lifestyle.

Now it’s your turn to identify the fruit in your lives. Is there something or someone in your way of becoming closer to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Are you desiring something or someone more than God?

Stay safe and God bless.