Change is Good

I am embarking on a new journey. One of sight and sound and smell. Hopefully it won’t be the twilight zone but it should prove to be remarkable.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2010 after several years of unexplained symptoms. I have continued to do research because the doctors don’t have any answers. I recently found a book by a doctor who is also a devout Christ follower who breaks down into layman’s English each aspect of the human body and what is probably causing all of the symptoms.

He has designed a system to eliminate the elements that invade our bodies and creates havoc on then. He uses food and supplements to reverse the issues that cause the symptoms.

I will document my journey and share it with you. I plan on involving God in this journey too. After all, it is all about Him.

Ready, Set, Go God

Day 1 of natural gut detox. I’m happy to announce, so far so good… Lol. Mostly because I am determined to give this an honest try.

When I get my laptop back from the shop, I’ll write more about this process and what it’s all about. But for now I’ll log my progress and changes.

First, I eat raw vegetables and fresh fruit for 28 days. Yes, that sounds impossible to me. This will clean and restore your gut. Since your gut is the center of your body, it needs to start here.

I didn’t starve the first day. I was mostly amazed I could make it an entire day without real food. But the surprise came later.

For the last several weeks, I have been waking up at night in approximately 2 hour intervals. Last night I got to sleep for 3 hours or a little more at a time. If you have sleep issues, you know how exciting that is for me.

So, that’s day 1. I’ll be back for day 2.

Stay safe and God bless…

A Whole New Year

I feel compelled to make some significant changes this year. I’m going to change the way I eat, what I eat but mostly why I eat. I want to make some changes in my God time too. Namely more of it. It feels like somethings missing and I think by addressing those two things everything else will fall into place. God and food will work together because He is essential to everything I do.

I just returned from a woman’s retreat completely refreshed. My goal is to maintain that feeling, that status, that stand. I feel energized. He overwhelms me in a way where there are no words to describe. I am renewed, feeling redeemed and forgiven. This is truly amazing.