Erasing History

I was shocked a few years ago when I heard the schools were not teaching the Holocost anymore. It took me a while to realize they were trying to erase history. If you deny something long and hard enough, then it isn’t true. At least that is what they think. Sadly, it is working. Most college students don’t know who the presidents were or the accomplishments they made, let alone that the Civil War was started because of taxes and not because of slavery.

Now they are not teaching certain aspects of all of the wars. I guess they don’t want people to know how deadly and bloody they were. Plus they are trying to remove the Southern monuments. I know, the Civil War is still controversial but removing the monuments will not change history. It will only remove that history for future generations to learn from.

So why don’t people who want the monuments to stay have the same say to keep them? Why is that decision so one sided? Is there more going on that I just don’t see? Why are they afraid of the truth?!

I agree some things need to change for the better, but some things need to be left alone.